May 10, 2020

Parametric Bench

by Oleg Sorko

Parametric technology offers unique opportunities for creativity. Setting up the parameters and creation of algorithms allows you to simulate virtual reality, which is calculated and visualized by computer. But the management of parameters and algorithms is carried out by man and only his ideas of beauty define the timing of completion of the endless process of modeling. That's why technology only helps creativity, but do not replace it. The parametric technology allows to generate a self-organizing system, that is, to open the essence of the universe as an infinite variety of possible self-organizing systems. The world is in constant process of self-development, but it is not chaos and not a set of known forms (cube, sphere, cylinder, from which you can build everything as Cezanne believed). Everything in the world (in the physical, biological and other reality) is in fluid, flexible, flowing, accelerating and decelerating movements that create tension, tears, force fields. And they are amazingly beautiful (attractors and fractals are their individual symptoms) and they exist before form and after form. It is not a solid, or lines in a space, but something that stands before and after the space. We try to talk about the modern string theory and the theory of multiple universes with different dimension, where the configuration options of spaces is 10 to a power of 69 (Calabi-Yau). And the most interesting is that the parametric techniques reveal a window into the world of these theories that describe the universe. That is why we call our main aesthetic principle "AFTER FORM". This is how parametric architecture corresponds to a new scientific world view.

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